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17 Word Solution with Home School Books

The 17-Word Solution™

The quick, easy system

for developing

the ability to discern

what's right...

and what's wrong

Your most essential system for helping your child make the right choices, and be successful, respected and sought after by colleges and top quality employers.

The 17 words are, do all you have agreed to do and, do not encroach on other persons or their property.

Embrace this one simple sentence and open the portal to a captivating world few today have ever seen.

Your son or daughter will understand what it means to be a truly ethical person—to solve problems using this lightning-fast system of logical thinking that has been the bedrock of civilizations for 6,000 years.

The Ethics Solutions certificate verifies that your son or daughter is one of the rare individuals who have learned how to practice good ethical judgment regardless of peer pressure or other bad influences.

There is nothing else like this short, life-changing course by renowned author Richard Maybury of the "Uncle Eric" books, and it is available only from Ethics Solutions!

Dear Parent,

Richard Maybury also known as Uncle Eric

4-minute read

Thank you! You will never know how much I appreciate your support for my Uncle Eric books.

If you are new to the books, they have been first place winners in the Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards year after year.

The Uncle Eric books explain an array of crucially important topics that are no longer taught in schools. These are easy-to-understand common sense facets of law, finance, history, economics and, most importantly, paradigms.

The schools have replaced these topics with whatever happens to be politically fashionable at any given moment.

picture of Practical Homeschooling Award for 2017

"Your books are among the few
I recommend for every high-schooler as 'must reads' before graduation."
— Mary Pride, Publisher of
    Practical Homeschooling

The books have sold more than a half-million copies, and given me the pleasure of reading an uncountable number of heartwarming letters from readers.

Many ask for more words of wisdom from Uncle Eric.

Let me focus on what I regard as the most important of the eleven books. Whatever Happened To Justice? begins by revealing a fact well understood by America's founders, and the population in general during the 18th century, but has now been almost totally forgotten.

Whatever Happened To Justice Book

The fact is, there are two kinds of law, political law and Natural Law, or what I also call Venerable Law.

Venerable Law is the system of ethical thinking that, as far as legal historians can tell, has worked for all societies throughout history.

America was founded on Venerable Law. But we have drifted away from it because schools and colleges today teach only political law.

Immediately after Whatever Happened To Justice? came out in 1992, I received letters praising it, but politely pointing out that it did not contain enough practical applications. It introduced the two laws, the 17 Words that enable a person to achieve success in his or her daily life — at work or at home, in friendships, school, college, sports, affairs of the heart, and even marriage — and avoid trouble.

The Two Laws in Seventeen Words

But Whatever Happened To Justice? did not give enough exact how-to advice for using the two laws in daily decisions.

Because they are valid, the criticisms have always bothered me. Of all the Uncle Eric books, Whatever Happened To Justice? is the one I feel most strongly I was put on earth to write.

In 1991, as I sat in my office grinding it out on my Macintosh with 1 MB of memory, I kept having a strange feeling. It was a kind of gentle whisper.

Maybe it was just my imagination, I don't know. But it was saying that someone must revive the 17 Words before our modern world goes the way of the 22 or more civilizations that have been here before us. And, I realized this someone was me.

Ethics Solutions Handbook on a desk beside a ballpoint pen

Available only from Ethics Solutions®, this concise, revealing handbook helps you explore the fascinating but forgotten world of Venerable Law and ethics.

Again, maybe I just imagined it. But to me, the truth of the 17 Words is inescapable, and judging from my mail, it is to a lot of others, too. We must revive the two laws.

But again, the crucial missing element has been the nuts-and-bolts daily practical application. For more than two decades I did nothing about it. I sensed I did not yet have enough experience.

Then in 2009, Newsweek reported that my in-depth analysis of global crises has been highly influential among top experts in the field.

The bedrock of this analysis is the 17 Words.

I realized I had gained the experience to get the job done. I was ready to develop the Ethics Solutions® handbookThe 17-Word Solution — which leads to the 17-Word Certificate of Completion. This certificate verifies that the person has learned how to practice good ethical judgment.

In short, the Ethics Solutions handbook and completion certificate are the long sought next step after Whatever Happened To Justice?

It gives me great comfort knowing that tens of thousands of parents have been teaching their children the importance of the 17 Words. Thank you ever so much for choosing to be in this select group.

Certificate of Completion

Certificate  8" x 10"

My staff and I designed the Ethics Solutions course to make your job of teaching ethics far easier. It helps you give your child the strength of character to live a good and successful life regardless of influences that do otherwise, especially the crushing peer pressure which is now so often overwhelming.

You will never know how much I appreciate your efforts.

Most sincerely,

Signature Richard J. Maybury

Richard J. Maybury

AKA "Uncle Eric"


As you read the handbook, you will be amazed at the number of simple but crucially important rules-of-thumb you were never taught and, therefore, have been unable to pass along to your children. For instance:

• Ambient levels of encroachment

• How much risk is too much

• Nearly all human relationships are based on contracts

• The four essential elements of an agreement

• The hidden economic reality behind your agreements

• What is honor?

• How you can prove scientifically that the two laws work

• Money and property are frozen time

• The reasonable person doctrine

• Why vulgarity and cursing are more damaging than you think

• Negligence

• The critical importance of restitution

• Meeting of the minds

• And 29 more, all built upward from the 17 Words.

Teens support ethics training

To give your child the lightning-quick logic necessary to make the right choices throughout life, plus the certificate verifying your child knows how to practice good ethical judgment, add the Ethics Solutions course to your curriculum today!

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