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How to Be The Person
Employers Long to Hire (and Promote!)

A fast, easy seven-step process.

Dear Job Seeker,

What employers want most is people who already have training and experience.

There was a day when that was true. But no more.

Studies show the greatest concern of companies today is not training or experience, it's ethics. Ethics is the system of knowing right from wrong.

Workers today drive business people crazy with stealing, tardiness, lying, vandalism, refusing to follow instructions, goldbricking, breaking agreements, harassing other workers, and insulting customers.

You know how awful this disaster is. You've seen such outrages yourself many times.

Richard Maybury teaches how to get a good job by showing your Ethics Solutions Certificate

So have I.

My name is Richard J. Maybury. I am a professional researcher in business, economics and related subjects. My books have sold more than a half-million copies, and been endorsed by U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon and other famous business leaders. I have been interviewed on TV and radio more than 350 times, and had over two million words published.

I also own three successful businesses, so when it comes to hiring, I am the voice of experience.

Employers have learned the hard way that just one person without ethics can sabotage an organization. Look what happened to Wells Fargo.

If an employer knows nothing of your ethics, he or she will be reluctant to hire you. But if your ethics are impressive, you will have a big edge over your competition.

How to get a good job or a promotion? Give employers evidence that you know how to be ethical!

Millions don't. In the public schools, the teaching of ethics was made illegal in the 1960s. (If you want to research this, see the Frequently Asked Questions.)

It's that simple. These days, ethics makes you stand out as someone special, a cut above the rest. You are a quality person.

"Sounds logical," you might say, "but how do I do that?"

You need to train yourself quickly, and it's not difficult. Here are the seven-steps for getting a good job or promotion in this era of runaway corruption.

1.  Follow the customary advice about an interview — good grooming, nice clothing, arrive early. See "20 Tips for Great Job Interviews" at or Google "how to do well in a job interview."

2.  Get an Ethics Solutions® certificate. (How? See FAQ.) This shows that you know how to practice good ethical judgment.

3.  Ask a friend who does hiring, or who recently interviewed for a job, to practice with you — to put you through one or more interviews. Tell the friend you want at least one of these to be tougher than anything you will really experience. During the interviews, bring up your interest in ethics, and give examples of what you have learned about it. You will probably be the only applicant for the job who has thought of the importance of ethics. Sad but true. Take advantage of it.

4.  Write the names of companies and jobs you want. List them according to "ones I want most" at the top, and "ones I want least" at the bottom.

5.  When you submit job applications, attach copies of your resume and Ethics Solutions certificate. Mention your certificate in your resume, and if a space is provided, on your application. If you can, include a cover letter that says why you want this job, and give details about your ethics training.

In general, call attention to the certificate whenever, wherever and to anyone you can without being pushy, and give examples of what you have learned. Explain that you know about the fast-growing ethics crisis, and you are making yourself one of the solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

6.  Once you get called for an interview, go to the ones at the bottom of your list first. Then, after you have some real world interview experience, go to your top choices. Your chief goal should be to convince employers that you are the answer to their problems.

7.  This is the most important step: be resolute, determined, tenacious. Convince the employer that you want this job. Even if they hire (or promote) someone else, keep calling. There's a good chance the person they chose won't last long because he has rotten ethics.

Ethics is the new national problem. Spread the word that you are one of the solutions.

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