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The Livelihood of Your Company Is At Stake!

Studies continue showing unethical behavior and illegal misconduct in the workplace. Ethical lapses tend to snowball.

Teamwork is possible only when people trust each other. Ethics create trust.

Ethics Solutions® is here to help you build and maintain the highest possible ethical workplace standards.

Ethics must be embedded:

When every employee respects and practices a simple, clear code of conduct among themselves, led by management, ethical behavior becomes embedded in the culture of the workplace.

Individuals tend to copy the behavior of others regardless of the written standards and expectations set in training.

The most desired ethical environment is one that makes an individual want to do the right thing.

The Two Laws that work:

There are Two Laws—stated in 17 Words—that create an environment of ethical behavior. As they embed throughout your workplace, they build trust and a reputation that fortifies your company's path to success.

These Laws are bedrock ethics from the Venerable Law on which America was founded. They support and reinforce your company's expectations.

The Two Laws are:

Do all you have agreed to do and,
do not encroach on other persons or their property.

The foundation of a system of thinking, these laws compel a fundamental logic that can make your compliance training work much more effectively.

The 17-Word Solution:

Our 83-page handbook is six years of ethics instruction that Americans once received in school, covered in two hours of easy reading. The teaching is not simply rules of conduct, it is a coherent system of thinking, covering 42 topics.

The handbook is written as a tool-kit of easy-to-remember examples and rules of thumb.

The 17-Word Solution Certificate:

After reading and studying the handbook, your employees take an online assessment that can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. With a passing score of 70%, the individual receives an Ethics Solutions Certificate of Completion. If 90% or more, the person is declared "Top Rated!" by Ethics Solutions.

If everyone in a group scores 70% or better, the group as a whole will be recognized as Ethics Solutions Certified. If 90% or over, "Top Rated" by Ethics Solutions.

Once certified, the individual, or group is authorized to declare Ethics Solutions Certification on their business cards, letterhead, advertising, and public relations.

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