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Available only from Ethics Solutions®, this concise, revealing handbook helps you explore the fascinating but forgotten world of ethics.

Ethics is not just a list of rules. The handbook teaches that it is a system of thinking.

Estimated reading time for a person with an eighth grade reading ability: two hours.

The handbook includes but is not limited to a compilation of the ethics commonly taught in six years of schooling until ethics instruction was halted the 1960s.

You learn about all this and more:

• Humans are profoundly social creatures.

• Nearly all human relationships are based on contracts.

• Precautions when making personal and business agreements.

• What is ethical bedrock?

• The uncountable benefits of standing on ethical bedrock.

• Why schools stopped teaching ethics.

• Venerable law.

• How to know if you are encroaching.

• The essential elements of agreement.

• Why keeping one's word is so important.

• Why ethics and honor are crucial in a marriage or partnership.

• What is valid consideration?

• Why theft, even petty theft, is so harmful to everyone including the thief.

• The hidden economic reality behind your agreements.

• Why theft is the same as assault, and equally serious.

• Lying is a trap, it leads one into failure and misery.

• Honesty can be as rewarding as it is difficult.

• The critical importance of "all men are created equal."

• What is honor?

• Why have the two fundamental laws that make civilization possible been forgotten?

• Where did the two laws come from?

• How can you prove scientifically that the two laws work?

• Are there other laws besides the two?

• How to use the two laws as tools in everyday life.

• Hornbook law.

• The four essential elements of a contract.

• Why highly important agreements should be in writing.

• The two possible ways economic activity can be organized.

• Be aware of the links in "chains of agreements."

• Why goldbricking is theft.

• Punctuality is more important than you think.

• Ambient levels of encroachment.

• Money and property are frozen time.

• What is a right?

• Why the old saying "a man's home is his castle"?

• Patents, trademarks and copyrights.

• Friendliness, politeness and rudeness.

• Why vulgarity and cursing are more damaging than you think.

• The critical importance of restitution.

• The reasonable person doctrine.

• Negligence.

• And much more, all in two hours of easy, enjoyable reading with lots of easy-to-remember examples.

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