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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the assessment like?

The assessment is 40 questions, multiple-choice, four selections each and is taken online. There are no written portions or fill-in-the-blanks, and no research is required other than reading the handbook.

Assessment is Taken online

With the Handbook you receive access to the 40-question multiple choice assessment, taken online via your phone or computer.

With a score of 70% or better you can immediately download and print your Ethics Solutions® Certificate of Completion (PDF).

Your certificate, with summary of results, is also emailed to the address you enter online during registration.

How much time does one have to take the assessment?

One hour to complete. The average is 15 to 20 minutes. Once you've begun—by turning to the first question—you cannot save and finish later, you must finish in one sitting. An overview of the assessment precedes the first question, so at that time you may logoff and return later if you want more time to prepare. You are allowed to go back and change answers anytime before completion.

How many times can the assessment be taken?

Three times per purchase. The Kit comes with the handbook and a unique login code for three online assessments to earn ES certification, or to improve your score.

Is the assessment a simple pass/fail?

The assessment offers three levels of skill upon successful completion.

70-79% Proficient. The individual has a basic knowledge of ethics necessary to get by in the workplace and in one's personal life. Ethics Solutions® believes a score of 70% is significantly better than the understanding of the general public.

80-89% Intermediate. Means skilled at ethical thinking. We at Ethics Solutions believe a score of 80-89% indicates a higher knowledge of ethics necessary to be successful in the workplace and in one's personal life. We believe this level to be far better than the understanding of the general public.

90-100% Excellent. Unusually skilled at ethical thinking. Ethics Solutions believes a score of 90% or more means the person has a vastly higher knowledge of ethics than that of the general public, and probably has a huge advantage over others in the workplace and their personal life.

Do assessment results go on one's permanent record?

Ethics Solutions is an independent private organization not connected with any school, college, agency or other institution, including government. As long as it is you, and not a school, employer or other organization that is purchasing the course for you to use, your results are your personal private data.

Do managers receive reports showing how employees in their group performed on each assessment?

Yes, but for security reasons, correct answers cannot be disclosed, only summaries of results. As manager you will also receive a copy of each certificate issued in your group. A wide range of analytics is available for you as well. Call for more information.

Do employees, when participating as members of a group, get their own handbook to keep?


If I cannot print out the certificate, can it be mailed to me?

Yes, for a small fee per certificate, depending on the number of certificates, plus shipping*, and sales tax where applicable. Call for more information.

As an employee, how do I use my ethics training for getting a good job, a better job, or promotion?

Approach an interview always thinking not about what you want, but about what the employer wants.

Your Ethics Solutions® Certificate demonstrates you have good ethical judgment and will be the person an employer or manager is looking for. You are seeing the job through the employer's eyes. Your ethics training tells the interviewer you will always strive to do what you agree to do when you accept the job or new position.

Take control of the interview and make it about ethics. Discuss with the interviewer what you have learned from The 17-Word Solution. How ethics, as taught by the Two Laws, the 17 Words, is a system and not just a set of rules, and why you know you will be a valued asset to the organization.

Ethics will be your edge over the competition.

What is the cost of the Ethics Solutions kit?

The Kit, with handbook and code for three online assessments for certification, is $99, but discounts are sometimes available.

Order today and receive our limited time, special introductory offer of just $49.50 per course.

* Shipping via parcel post.

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