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17-Word Handbook

The 17-Word Solution

is for people of all ages.
For schools and churches,
for grandparents and parents,
for professionals, for employers and employees, for all job seekers.
There is simply no substitute for
the scientifically proven system
of ethical thinking taught by ETHICS SOLUTIONS

Learning Ethics at Home Schooling


The first thing you need
to teach your children!

Ethics Solutions® provides a unique opportunity to fill your children's greatest need—the restoration of the foundation of ethics once taught in schools. What took six years is now available in a modern format, taking no more than 2 hours of easy reading. Don't overlook what may be the single most important thing you can teach your children in this school year —Ethics!  More

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   The Uncle Eric Books 

Uncle Eric Books

Another proven educational tool, the top rated Uncle Eric Series of books, used by parents for decades, have once again been voted a winner of the Mary Pride's Education Award for 2023 by parents using at-home education materials. Learn more about these wonderful books, endorsed by U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon and written for ages 10 to 110.

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