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Richard Maybury author of Ethics Solutions traing and certification


He is "the 2,500-year old man." Here's the story.

His name is Richard J. Maybury. Many call him the voice of experience. Born in 1946, he has led a life that has been called colorful.

It's certainly varied. He has been a successful business owner, public school teacher, carpenter, farmer, and writer published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week and other major publications.

He has lived abroad, visited 49 states and 46 countries.

In the Air Force Mr. Maybury was a sergeant and special operations aircrew member involved in secret missions in and above the jungles of Central and South America during the days of Che Guevara.

He has had more than two million words published. His Uncle Eric books, endorsed by famous U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon, Congressman Ron Paul, and other luminaries, have sold more than a half-million copies.

Newsweek reports that his ideas have influenced strategic planning in the Pentagon and CIA.

He is often called "the 2,500 year-old-man" because of his experiences plus his knowledge of global economic history. These have given him the ability to view things through the eyes of a person who has lived that long.

His favorite subjects are the history of law, and the connection between law and economics. He has made an extensive study of the economy of the Roman Empire. This, he believes, reveals the connection, and has led him to formulate the bedrock laws of ethics that make civilization possible.

These amazing insights also help individuals achieve success in their businesses, careers and personal lives, including their marriages and relationships with family and friends.

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